Where to Post Articles for Cash

By June Campbell

Almost any experienced or wanna-be Internet marketer knows about article marketing. In a nutshell, after writing articles on the topic of your choice, you submit your writing to various article directories and content sharing web sites.

If done right, this benefits you in two ways.

First, the directories will have some provision for you to include a link back to your web site. A certain percentage of readers will follow that link and land directly on your site. At this point, they may purchase your products, sign up for your mailing list or take whatever action you are hoping for.

Second, this strategy benefits you because many of the article directories provide a valuable, do-follow link to your site. The existence of do-follow links makes your site more appealing to the search engines. It's a little like a high school popularity contest. If Google thinks the cool kids like you (ie other web sites) then you must be cool yourself, so you get a better ranking.

There is a third benefit to submitting articles. Several publishing sites allow you to make money directly, either through paying you for the articles you write or by sharing advertising and affiliate revenue with you.

Doing the Ground Work

To make cash directly from these publishers, you should first sign up as an affiliate or associate with the following two sites:
1. Amazon.com/Associates
2. eEbay Affiliate Sign Up

In addition, sign up for accounts with:

1. Google Adsense. Many of the following sites pay you a share of the revenue realized by running ads on your articles. You must have an account with Google to qualify. Google pays you in any month in which your accumulated revenues reach $100. Payment is by check or by transfer into your bank account.

2. Paypal.com. Many online publishers pay you by sending money to your Paypal account. Need I say more?

Now that you have your accounts in place, its time to start submitting articles to sites that pay you.

Sites that Earn You Cash for Articles

4. HubPages

HubPages allows you to create "hubs" which can contain text, pictures, links, RSS feeds, Polls and other materials. Affiliate links are permitted.

You can earn money from Amazon, eBay, Kontera and Google Adsense. You are paid directly from these affiliate accounts.

The following link goes to a sample Hub:


5. Blogger.com

You create a blog using their onsite technology. You can add text, pictures, links and various other components. Affiliate links are permitted, but use moderation. Blogger now allows you to add Amazon links and Google Adsense links.

You are paid directly from Google or Amazon.

Abide by the Terms of Service (TOS)

This list is by no means inclusive. Undoubtedly there are many more similar services and more will become available as time passes.

Always be sure to read the editorial guidelines and the terms of service at any content sharing site or article directory. All of the publishers listed above have strict guidelines regarding what you can and cannot submit. Their guidelines are reasonable and serve a good purpose. Ignore them at your own risk.

Also, be aware that while the information above is accurate at the day of this writing, policies at these sites are subject to change. This article may not reflect the changes.

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