The Joint Venture Giveaway Approach to Building a List

By June Campbell

If you want to make money online, building a list is the best place to start.

Building a list of email addresses helps you in so many ways. You can send your subscribers sales material promoting your products and services or promoting affiliate products. You can notify your subscribers when you are launching a new product. You can recruit joint venture partners, seek testimonials, conduct surveys or do market research. Building a list gives you a stable foundation for your Internet marking activities.

If you're smart enough to be interested in building a list, you'll want to know about joint venture giveaways and how they work. In a joint venture giveaway, a host solicits other marketers to participate by donating gifts that will be given away during the event. As one of the joint venture partners, you not only donate a gift but you recruit persons to participate as members and pick up their gifts. Recruiting members with an existing list is not impossible. Consider inviting friends or your contacts at Facebook or Squidoo. Alternately, include the information in your email signature when you post to forums or email groups. Be sure you are adhering to the forum's rules, however.

Typically, the gifts are electronic products or services that are downloaded or accessed online. If you need something to give away, just visit an online auction and hunt for ebooks or articles that come with Private Label Rights. You can give away PLR items and even add your own name as author. Items in the public domain are another possibility. You can give public domain items away freely. Run an Internet search for "public domain ebooks" and you will find something suitable.

Now, on to using the giveaway for building a list. When members click through your link to pick up your gift, they must arrive at a squeeze page. This is a web page that collects the person's email address before they access their gift. When they provide their address, they are directed to a second page containing the gift delivery information.

To set this up, you will need a good autoresponder service. This is one tool you cannot do without when you are building a list. Your autoresponder generates the form that collects the email, saves the email address to a database for future mailings, and directs the joint venture member to the page containing the delivery instructions. This automated feature makes building a list a simple matter.

If you're looking for an autoresponder, Google "autoresponder" and check out the results. The free autoresponders are unsatisfactory for building a list because they lack all of the features you need and they tempt your subscribers with advertisements from other marketers. Building a list without a good autoresponder is next to impossible.

Now that you're building a list, remember to treat your subscribers with respect. Be good to them and they will be good to you.

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