Thirty White Hat Ways to get Web Site Traffic (without spending a cent)

By June Campbell

If you're like most Internet marketers, you're always looking for more ways to get web site traffic - qualified, targeted traffic, that is.

Try any or all of the these methods.

  1. Optimize your web pages or blog for long tailed keyword traffic. This generates natural search engine traffic if your niche is sufficiently targeted or if you have an authority site.
  2. Give away a viral product such as a video or ebook. Encourage other people to give it away as well. Naturally the product contains a link to your web site or blog.
  3. Make a Squidoo lens on your topic. Make sure it has a link that points back to your site. Join related Squidoo groups and leave comments for other lens masters.
  4. Write articles about your topic. Optimize them with your keyword phrase. Submit your articles to article directories. Be sure you have a resource box at the end of the article with a link back to your site or blog.
  5. Place a Tell-a-Friend feature on your web site. Encourage site visitors to let their friends know about your web site.
  6. Participate in joint venture giveaways. You increase targeted web site traffic while building your email list at the same time. As an added bonus, you can sell a backend product on the download page.
  7. Answer questions at Yahoo! Answers. Be sure the questions you answer pertain to the topic you address in your web site or blog. Put your site link in the box provided for a link. Answer carefully. If your answer is chosen as the best answer, you will attract more traffic.
  8. Create a video demonstrating your product or service. Put it on YouTube.
  9. Get backlinks for your web site. Be sure they are quality links from sites that complement your own site. Avoid link farms. Try to get a link from a .gov domain or an .edu domain. Google ranks these domains higher than others.
  10. Leave comments on blogs or Squidoo Lenses. Even if the blog has a no follow tag, some search engines will pick it up.
  11. Register your site in directories. Dmoz is free, but difficult to get a listing. Yahoo! is a paid directory. Look for special niche directories to list your site or blog.
  12. Provide a RSS feed. Encourage visitors to subscribe to your feed.
  13. Use Social Bookmarking and Social Networking to promote your site or blog.
  14. Create a FaceBook group and invite people to join. Send messages to your group.
  15. Create multiple blogs on smaller, free blogging platforms. Be sure your blogs pertain to your main web site and offer valuable content. Link each one back to your web site or your main blog.
  16. Make posts in forums. Place a link to your web site in your signature. Be sure to make posts in such a way as to add value to the forum and not simply to get your link shown.
  17. Join email lists about your topic and post to these list. Have a link to your site in the email signature.
  18. Advertise offline. Place an ad in your small community newspaper and direct viewers to your web site.
  19. Send out press releases using an online service such as PR web. PR Web has both a free and paid version.
  20. Give testimonials for worthy products or services in exchange for a link to your web site or blog.
  21. Trade advertisements or solo mailings with other ezine publishers or list builders.
  22. Engage in joint ventures with other Internet marketers.
  23. Advertise on Craigslist and Kijiji.
  24. Put your web site's URL on your business cards and hand them out at every opportunity.
  25. Submit your site manually to the major search engines.
  26. Make sure that your profile page on every social networking site, forum and free blog site contains a link to your blogs and web sites. Some search engines will pick this up plus you will attract clickthrough traffic.
  27. Ensure that all of your web sites and blogs are cross linked to each other.v
  28. Place ads in free classified ad web sites.
  29. Ask other web owners to review your product. Give them your product so they can do this knowledgeably.
  30. Run surveys and contests on your web site. Notify your list when a survey or contest is ready, or when the web site is updated. Invite your subscribers to visit your site to participate.
  31. Add a Bookmark This feature to your web site or blog.
  32. Place Social Networking buttons or links on your web site or following every blog post.

And there you have thirty-one free ways to attract web site traffic, and one paid way.

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