From Zero Point Energy to Free Electricity

By June Campbell

If you are investigating the potential for free energy in your home, you are likely to run across the term, "zero point energy."

This concept is derived from quantum physics. As you might guess, it is quite a difficult thing to understand unless you are a student of quantum physics yourself. However, according to Wikipedia, at its simplest level, zero point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system can possess. It is also known as the "ground state." Albert Einstein and a colleague proposed this concept back in the early nineteen hundreds.

So what does this have to do with free home electricity and alternate energy sources?

The Role of Zero Point Energy in Free Power Generation for the Home

Quantum physicists tell us that a vacuum's zero point energy is infinite or never ending. Therefore, if one could harness this unlimited energy, we would have the potential for amazing technological and social accomplishments. Even if we would merely approximate the conditions, we could still generate huge amounts of energy.

Many respected scientists believe that zero point energy may well solve the world's energy crisis. One such expert and advocate is Nick Cook, an aviation journalist and the former editor of Jane's Defence Weekly, an international defence journal. Cook is a renowned expert in the area of military black projects. He has spent a decade researching anti-gravity technology that is based on zero point energy. As you can see, although members of the general public may think it preposterous to talk about getting large amounts of free energy, governments around the planet are giving it serious consideration.

In his research, Nick Cook found good reason to believe that governments around the planet have been striving to develop zero point energy based anti-gravity devices ever since World War 11. Even more surprising, Cook found evidence that governments have worked to discredit scientists and inventors who made accidental or commercial developments in this area.

What are the Commercial Applications?

At the present, there are no known commercial applications for zero point energy. However, several projects are nearing their final phases in development. One such project is a patented machine that utilizes solar cells to harness energy from electromagnetic radiation based on free energy extraction.

What About Home Use?

Although the consumer cannot yet purchase a zero point energy machine, he or she can choose among a number of Do It Yourself kits or guides that outline specifically how to create a magnetic motor generator. These generators are based on the same or similar concepts as zero point energy.

Machines built according to these kits appear to have good potential. They can produce large amounts of energy - enough to power a home with a surplus left over. They need only a small amount of power to initiate the motion and some minimal maintenance over the long term.

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