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"I'm so impressed with June's web copy writing work on my website. She completely revamped my site and make it read exactly the way it I had it envisoned. I would highly recommend using June if anyone wants their webpage to be more marketable. Thank you for all your quick turnaround hard work. It is money well spent and it was a lot more affordable than I expected! "

Linh Tsiu, CGA.,Owner of Canada Caregiver Payroll Services. Tel: 604.786.2566

"Hello June I am sorry that I have not contacted you before now to express my appreciation and thanks for your work on the additional content for the Legal Advocacy section on our glorious website. Everything is so well presented and easy to follow. As a co-founder of B.C.CEAS (many moons ago!) and now President, I am particularly proud of the website......it has been seen in U.K. and Hong Kong and I think in Sweden ( I have personal connections to these places) and it presents a most professional image of our organisation. Thank you again. "

Joyce Schmalz, President of B.C. CEAS

"The contracts look incredibly helpful and offer so many potential provisions - it appears you've covered everything we can anticipate (but wouldn't have thought of ourselves). Thanks so much."

Stephanie Summers and Jurissupport

"Wow. This is wonderful. You did an outstanding job and I canít thank you enough for your time. I put together a similar proposal a few weeks back and wish I ran across your Web site. Thanks again for your time and expertise. Iím sure I will definitely be in need of your help again and please feel free to contact me at any time."

... Jeffrey Reberry (email withheld to avoid spam bots)

"Thats excellent! You're very good. I dont want to change a thing."

... Gregg Houghman, Beginners Resource Center

"Just a quickie but I really thought your produce was very helpful. I am a Barrister in the UK and simply did not have the time to start from scratch. I have changed some of it but it has been a real help and very sensibly priced. Good Luck."

... Douglas Commaille dclw consulting

"June reviewed the text content of my website and returned it to me much improved. Without altering the ideas I wanted to get across, she used her excellent editing skills to make them clearer and more concise. Plus, she was quick! I would highly recommend June to anyone who is looking for someone to edit their work."

... Sally Scott, MA, Living With Heart

"By the way the proposal outline got me the contract so... thanks, it also serves well as a document to evaluate training for a group I worked with. "

... Zina Kacha

" I have been to SMEhome.com and read your articles/contributions. Just want to thank you for the insights from them... straight to the point and superbly comprehensive. I wish that more articles and books are written in such a way... i guess u would have capitalised on your uniqueness. Much appreciated."

... Jerome Ang, C.O.S. Printers Pte Ltd

" Your newsletter is excellent (why am I not surprised? I've seen your stuff frequently)."

... Shel Horowitz, Frugal Fun, shel@frugalfun.com

"Very helpful proposal guideline: this was my first as a consultant and I wasn't sure where to turn. Thanks."

... Susan Scanland, CRNP, MSN GeriScan Geriatric Consulting, sscan@microserve.net

I thank you for publishing my article, "Write Stuff" in The Roundup. It made me very proud to see my writing printed in your exceptional magazine. The Roundup regulary provides new entrepeneurs like myself with informative, encouraging, and motivating articles concerning the Net and other online business matters. It is a newsletter which I discuss with others and a great help to its subsribers...

... Marissa Richards

"I just bought your brochure kit... and as I remember when I bought your proposal kit (excellent, saved me hours)..."

... Brendan McCarron (email withheld by request)

"I read your article on business proposals in Global Internet Marketing. Very well done piece. I especially liked the 3 sentences or you're not ready to write part. A good reminder. I publish TalkBiz News, and I look for just that sort of practical and well written material for my subscribers."

... Paul Myers, paul@talkbiz.com

"I subscribe to the A.I.M. ezine because from time to time it contains gems like your Don't Gimme No Solutions! column. Well said, June Campbell! You're right on the mark, particularly in this era of accelerated technology. The vast frustration Joan/John Q. Public experiences in trying to get in the computerized flow is due largely to the pontifical garbage such as you've described. Stay on your soapbox -- you spell things out exceptionally well!"

... J. Phil Harrison, Atlanta, jphilharrison@email.msn.com

"I don't remember the last time I read an article, on or off line, that made me jump to my feet and cheer, but I just read your article in the AIM Ezine and did just that. What a breath of fresh air!"

... Steve & Lee Spratt, The Marketing School

" Thanks for the great 'Solutions' article. I was impressed with your insight as I have been frustrated in the past with websites that never seem to get to the point. I look forward to future publications!"

... Sheila Garghill, The Jenko Marketing Company, sales@gift-4-u.com

"Thank you for the recent newsletters chocked full of helpful info. I am a freelance program director. The position was created for me when a friend and professional associate, needing someone to write grant proposals and create educational and outreach programs, hired me based on a grant awarded her non- profit business. Right now my one and only client is a small but successful Black History Museum in Maryland. I have taught or tutored English for over ten years; however, this is my first bout with grant writing. I am looking for articles and free resources which will help me create effective proposals and locate perspective grant makers. Some of your articles have really been helpful. Thank you for the service you provide to upcoming independents like myself!"

... M. R. in Maryland

"First of all, my hats off to you. You took a totally odd working situation, filled with chaos and absolutely NO written information and turned it into an outstanding printed piece! Thank you so much - you really are excellent at what you do and I am completely impressed with what you put together for us on such short notice. ... At any rate, I'm very impressed and delighted with the work you've provided so far. Kudos for an excellent job under some pretty chaotic working conditions."

... Deanna Hardrath, President, CyberCons Inc. Milwauke, Wisconsin

"Thank you very much. It looks like I'm on my way now. This document will be very helpful to me. Thank you again."

... Edward F. Caputo, Singapore

"I purchased the proposal writing doc and thought it was worthwhile (great). I'm excited about seeing the business plan doc. I had good comments about how it was laid out. I have to write a business plan soon for a small internet business I'm planning on going into."

... Gary Whiteside, AL

"We always welcome valuable writers -- and I would be more than happy to work with you."

... Mara Gulens, Editor, Canada Computes, Toronto

"You did a great job -- your writing style was relaxed and all the necessary information was included. You certainly got it in well before the deadline! ... It was an excellent start."

... Shelagh McMullen, Bridges Initiatives Inc., Kelowna, BC

"You are a good writer with solid experience.... By the way, I really enjoyed your column, Technology Isn't Just For Men. I've put it on my bulletin board, right beside my modem."

... Heather Grace, Editor, Harrowsmith Magazine

"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. Your review is excellent."

... Scott Garrigus, Editor, comp.media

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