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International Client List

  • American Anko Co.
    This company develops consumer electronics.
  • I'm Impressed
    Web work and online promotion for this Vancouver Stamping and Paper Craft Store
  • AVIO
    A software development company situated in Orlando, Florida.
  • Bridges Initiatives Inc.
    Multimedia company situated in Kelowna BC.
  • Canadian Caregiver Payroll Services.
    Wrote copy for the BC accounting/payroll services web site.
  • Caramel Distributing Inc.
    I wrote a sales letter for this Vancouver distributing company.
  • City of Port Coquitlam.
    I edited the web writing for the City's web site.
  • eCHARGEtm Corporation
    An e-commerce business with head office in Seattle.
  • Evergreen Foundation
    An environmental agency based in Toronto.
  • Faxopia
    A broadcast fax business situated in New York. jackt@optonline.net
  • Fuller & Associates Inc.
    A court reporting/legal service company in Dallas, Texas.
  • Gus Communications Inc.
    A software development company located in Bellingham, WA.
  • Healthwatch
    Edited sales letter and prepared content for an alternative health care web site. Healthwatch is based in the UK and Thailand.
  • International Directory of Company Histories.
    Research and write histories of Canadian companies for this international directory.
  • Incredible Deals
    A "one stop shop" for merchants wanting to set up ecom transactions from their Web site.
  • Linus Software Inc.
    Software development company in Richmond, BC.
  • MediaWorks
    A Real Estate business located in Georgia
  • New Media Design Inc.
    A Vancouver-based business providing design and communication services.
  • Nova Nature
    Burnaby company importing baby toys from Europe.
  • Nexmedia Technologies Inc.
    A Vancouver-based technology business specializting in global multimedia distribution.
  • WiredBiz
    An online and real-life networking group situated in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Wizdenki Inc.
    Wrote a business proposal for this Singapore based technology company.
  • Mountaineer Productions
    A mountaineering company from Sechelt, BC.
  • Nikimo
    A clothing designer in New York
  • 22nd Century Technologies
    A technology company in Jefferson, Louisiana.
  • Service Depot.com
    A service portal company in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Susan Penelope Wilson
    Visual artist situated in Greater Vancouver.


Print Publications

My work has appeared in these magazines and newspapers listed below.
  • American Iron
    Monthly magazine featuring Harley Davidsons, Hondas and other motorcycles.
  • Asian Entrepreneur
    A business magazine with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
  • Backbone
    A business and technology magazine distributed with the Globe & Mail
  • BC Agri Digest
    A BC trade publication for the agriculture industry.
  • BC Business Magazine
    Regional magazine for business and industry in British Columbia.
  • Beautiful BC Traveller
    A travel magazine for British Columbia.
  • Catnip
    A newsletter for cat owners Published by Tufts Veterinary College.
  • Computer Credible
    A regional computer publication in Utah.
  • ComputorEdge Magazine
    Regional computer newspaper covering California, New Mexico and Colorado.
  • Construction Review magazine
    Research and write profiles of construction projects for this trade magazine.
  • Dance International
    A magazine featuring professional dance performance.
  • Entrepreneur International
    Entrepreneurial magazine distributed internationally.
  • Home Business Guide
    A Canadian newsletter for home-based entrepreneurs.
  • Home Business Report
    Glossy mag for operators of small business in Canada.
  • I Love Cats
    Glossy mag for cat lovers.
  • Income Opportunities Magazine
    Magazine for entrepreneurs.
  • Mountain Living
    A glossy magazine published in Colorado.
  • Plant & Garden Magazine
    A Canadian glossy magazine for garden lovers.
  • RAM ChowderBR>Until it ceased publication in early 2000, this regional computer mag in Rhode Island published my writing on a regular basis.
  • Real Woman
    Until it ceased publication, this woman's magazine was published in California and distributed nationally.
  • Small Business Canada Magazine
    A Canadian mag for small business operators.
  • Toronto Computes
    often published my writing.
  • Vancouver Computes
    This regional computer magazine regularly published articles written by myself, including BC News Briefs, a monthly feature. 1996 to 1999.
  • Vancouver Daily Sun
    One of Vancouver's daily newspapers published a humorous essay, Open Letter to Women in Technology.
  • Vocational Rehab Review
    Trade journal for persons working in vocational rehabilitation.


My work has been published by these online ezines and Web sites.
  • Cafe Mocha.
    I contributed articles to the travel section.
  • Career Explorer.
    I contribute regular articles and assignments of interest to high school students and educators in the US and Canada.
  • eHOW.
    I contributed a series of how-to articles published in the Computer and Home Electronics section.This site has now ceased publication.
  • Onvia Canada.
    This resource web site for Canadian businesses uses my short how-to articles in their Quick Click section.
  • An article on Quicktime VR is available for your inspection at Webreference.com.
    Once again, you will need to run a site search to locate the article.
  • Folksonline
    Contains examples of my writing.
  • Discovery
    Online component to Discovery Channel.
  • Alaska-Canada Search Engine
    This search engine contains articles written by members.
  • Contributed software reviews to comp.media - The Mac/PC Commercial Software Resource!
  • Single Center
    A members-only site for singles.
  • Women International Net
    An online womens' ezine contains an article profiling a Canadian woman.
  • Write Markets Report
    An online resource for writers.

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